I believe in acting according to strong values and principles. Whilst I might not, as an inadequate human, always succeed in abiding to all of these values all of the time, they provide a point for me to tether myself and hold myself accountable for the things I say and do. If you feel as though I have fallen short and not stood up to these values, you can let me know using the form at the bottom of this page or via email to

Personal Values


I aim to always tell the truth and not to withhold information I have in my possession, unless absolutely necessary. If it is necessary to withhold information, I’ll openly divulge it at the earliest opportunity I can if it is my right to do so.


I aim to hold myself to high standards and not compromise my values or principles unless they are proven, undeniably, to be wrong. I’ll always do what I believe to be right and just.


I aim to place the pursuit of my mission and upholding of my values over personal progression and vested interests. I’ll try to make my work personally sustainable, but I won’t sacrifice my values or mission for the sake of personal gain.


I aim to achieve what I set out to do, without giving up or giving in when faced with obstacles or opposition. If I believe the objectives I set out are right, I will pursue them.


I aim to stand up for what I believe in without fear or favour, face criticism and scrutiny whenever it is necessary and refuse to back down in the face of threats or attacks from institutions, individuals or cancel culture.


I aim to be tolerant of different perspectives, experiences, lifestyles and beliefs and try to find common ground between extremes of opinion to build structures and ideas for the future that work for all and bring people together.


I aim for calmness and composure especially in difficult situations, my actions and words should be carefully thought about and I shouldn’t react unnecessarily or impulsively as a result of negative emotions and experiences.


I aim to acknowledge and respect the positive achievements and qualities of people, things and structures whilst constructively criticising flaws and things that need to change.


I aim to pay close attention to details in all the work I do to ensure that my beliefs are informed by a well-rounded picture of the issue and that my ideas don’t ignore anyone or anything that should be considered.


I aim to be transparent about my motivations and activities and present myself to scrutiny when required to ensure I am held accountable for my activities and the implications of them.

Societal Values


A culture built upon freedom and equality, where everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Individual Liberty

The right to believe, act and express oneself freely.

Mutual Respect

Respecting the values, ideas, and beliefs of others whilst not imposing our own on others.


The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.


The responsibility of members of a community to participate in and look out for other members of the community.


The right and the means to examine the process of decision making.

Public Interest Services

The provision of essential public services with the sole motivation of providing the best quality service for the least cost. This should be on a non-profit basis, whether in the public or private sector.

Free and Independent Press

The right of newspapers, magazines, etc., to report news without being controlled by the government. Adequate measures to ensure independent media flourishes and news isn’t dominated by millionaire and billionaire owners and their corporate interests.

The Right to Protest

Every individual, regardless of cause, has the right to protest, march or demonstrate in a public space. Not only does every individual have this right but the police have a duty to retain from restricting this right unnecessarily and they must take measures to protect peaceful protests.

Freedom of Speech

The power or right to express one’s opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty. A refusal to give in to cancel culture and the end of the loss of employment and other essential life components for speech that is not related to those activities.

Human Rights

Basic rights that belong to all of us simply because we are human. They embody key values in our society such as fairness, dignity, equality and respect. They are an important means of protection for us all, especially those who may face abuse, neglect and isolation.

Equality of Opportunity

A state of fairness in which individuals are treated similarly, unhampered by artificial barriers, prejudices, or preferences, except when particular distinctions can be explicitly justified.

Criticise Me

If you think I haven’t stood up to these values in what I say or do, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me via or via the form below. I try my best, but I don’t always make it and I should rightly be held to account when that happens.