In guiding both my personal and professional lives, I aim to stick within the boundaries of values that I wholeheartedly believe to be right and place the work I do into an overarching mission of what I want to achieve. This mission and these values aren’t centred around myself or personal progression, but around an idea that I believe will contribute positively to the long term progression of society.

My self-defined mission is to: “drive inclusive structural innovation through informed, unapologetic and creative disruption to accepted knowledge, institutions and practices.”

This mission has developed naturally, culminating from my mindset, interests, skills, personality, experiences and worldview, and I take work and engage in voluntary activities that fit within this mission. The mission can be broken down as follows:


As somebody who is neurodivergent, a member of the LGBTQ+ community and with roots in a travelling community, I’ve had first hand experience of the difficulties faced by non-conformist communities. Outsiders and their differing perspectives have provided, and can provide, a huge benefit to our country and the world.

I believe in a society that seeks to understand, welcome and celebrate difference of all kinds rather than demanding others sacrifice their freedom to make their wider society more comfortable. Freedom only for those that conform to societal norms is no freedom at all, and I want my work to consistently pursue freedom for all.

Structural Innovation

Often, I’m accused of being negative. I focus on the problems I see and why they are there. If something isn’t right, it needs attention and fixing. If something is working fine, it doesn’t need the same attention.

I’ve always noticed problems, from the small details to larger and glaringly obvious ones, and avidly scrutinise the structures and ideas surrounding them to see what exactly led to them happening. Usually, the answer can be found in the structures that we build to operate within.

From the local government system to the education system, to the health system – where my mum is a nurse – to companies. The structures are often broken, and in many cases hopelessly out of date. This is why my focus is on structures and the development of ideas that create and reform them.


Obviously, substantial and reliable information is the solid foundation any action needs. I’m determined in my pursuit of truth, and able to see when it isn’t being given to me. I love reading, watching and listening to the widest range of material from sources and perspectives on all sides of the issues I focus on and I’m exceedingly critical of everything. A solid intellectual and factual basis to my actions is fundamental to progressing in my mission.


Working on the basis of strong and reliable information, I’m unapologetic in my pursuit of achieving my mission. Sometimes this means offending people and upsetting the ideas that people hold about what should and shouldn’t be, if I’m operating based an strong information and abiding by my principles, I do not apologise for what I do or say.

Making people and institutions uncomfortable is a central part of change, growth and development, it is a necessity. I should be bold and confident in my ideas, communication and implementation.

I hold an apology as sacred. If I mean it, you will get it and it will be unreserved. If I don’t believe I am wrong and am encouraged to apologise merely because somebody else wants me to, I refuse to devalue it and give one.


I’ve always been creative and interested in language, media and the arts. I see creativity as the driving force of both culture and societal progression as a whole. Creativity means to use your imagination, to think outside the box, to experiment and push the boundaries of what people accept and believe.

Whether it be through writing and drama, graphic and brand design or wider creative strategies and thinking, my work is of a creative nature and I believe this is essential to building the conversations and ideas which then develop into the implementation of brand new and reformed systems.


I believe firmly that the knowledge, institutions and practices that our society is built on need enormous change and development as we go into the future. I am disruptive and my work is disruptive, deliberately so. Enacting meaningful change is going to make people and institutions feel uncomfortable and should be accepted rather than avoided, it is vital to development.

Have a project?

Does it sound like a project or organisation you are involved with fits within my mission? I’m always interested in new paid or voluntary opportunities that fit within it. Don’t hesitate to get in touch today and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. You can email contact@jacobbradfield.org or via the contact form below.