Creative Disruption

I’m passionate about communicating, through both the written word and impactful visual design. Grounded in a combination of formal education, critical viewing and on the ground experience.

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From The Forest

Born in Gloucester, I grew up as a queer boy from a travelling background in the beautiful but isolating surroundings of the Forest of Dean. I still haven’t left, except for a few short months.

Son of a hardworking nurse, I found a friend in the computer keyboard early in my life and haven’t looked back. I love writing, especially when I can use it to articulate things that don’t get nearly enough attention.

Image: © Nestor Skroban-Korzeniecki, 2022

I’m an aspiring author who is currently working on a series of techno-thrillers, under the pen-name JacBox. Here you can find out more about my writing journey, read free online content and find out about any upcoming releases.

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My Family

My mum was born in Norwich, my father in Leamington Spa. To provide for my sister and I, my mum worked herself to the bone whilst my abusive and drug addicted father fell down conspiracy theory rabbit holes on his laptop. This lack of contact is what led me to throwing my home time into writing.

My maternal family, whilst scattered out of reach, provided me with my inspiration. From new travellers to showgirls, comedians and vocal artists to merchant seaman, activists to President of the Association of Chief Police Officers and OBE recipients. My family show me two goals, don’t be unaccounted for and most certainly don’t be boring.

In The Community

I’m interested in our society, its flaws and new ideas to make our communities better. I spend a lot of time working, voluntarily, out in the community for a range of organisations and causes.

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My Struggles

Coming to terms with your sexuality is hard enough, doing so in an isolated rural community is even harder, especially when you can’t come out in your own home. Since then, I’ve been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and borderline personality disorder.

I’ve been through a lot, but I’m not a victim. My struggles have made me stronger, motivated me and given me a unique perspective that I wouldn’t give up no matter how tough it can be. I can articulate myself, many can’t, and I want to help share those stories and do what I can to shine a light on the struggles that many have experienced alongside me.


I like to go to places, doing and seeing new things. Sometimes I blog and take photos of the things I’m doing and the places I’ve been. You can look

my story

My Values

I’m committed to using my skills to contribute to things that are much bigger than me. I believe its important to give to society, rather than just take from it.

Constantly adapting, learning, changing and developing are fundamental aspects of what I do. I aim to be honest and courageous in my pursuit of the ideas and stories that need to be told, and the problems we all face.

I acknowledge when things haven’t gone well and learn from all of my mistakes to grow my skillset and improve my work.

Jacob’s Notes

If I think something needs to be said, I’ll say. If something needs investigation, I’ll investigate it. Below you can find my latest notes, and you can view more in my notes library.

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