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I’m from the Forest of Dean. I’m passionate about the arts, I enjoy walking and love thinking about the possible futures that could emerge from the technological and social changes the world is going through right now.

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Friday Thought: Queen Elizabeth II, the end of an Elizabethan age

My thoughts are with the Royal Family at this difficult time and with all who are mourning. For ten days, the country mourns. After that, with the final pillar of stability of seventy years no longer with us, the United Kingdom, the monarchy and the Commonwealth are heading for a turbulent period ahead.

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I’m an aspiring author working on my debut political techno-thriller, under the pen-name JacBox.

Check back here soon for insights into my writing process, online original content and updates on any new releases.

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I write things. Help me write more things.

*1% of all donations go towards next generation climate initiatives.

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